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10 tips for Christmas gifts

15. 12. 2023

Which will please not only lovers of order and organization, but also fashion and style lovers ✨⁠ So if you don’t know what to give, take a look at 10 tips of my choice. I believe you will score with them!

  1. Jewelry box for bracelets and pendants not only for Pandora⁠.
  2. Scented sprays for clothes and home textiles for fragrant wardrobes and the whole home⁠.
  3. Helpers in the fight against lint on knitted fabrics⁠.
  4. History of fashion houses for every bookworm.
  5. Candle with custom dedication made in Prague⁠.
  6. A stand for jewelry and glasses, which is also a stylish home accessory.
  7. Cleaning set for passionate sneakerheads⁠.
  8. Scented paper for drawers or scented sticks.
  9. Any organizer from iDesign, because it’s just a dream!
  10. Or a gift voucher for changing your wardrobe with me 😊⁠

You can get all these goodies, for example, at Answear, Bonami, Zara Home, H&M Home, Perfumed Prague or Luxor. Or you can take a look at my Instagram, where is everything tagged.

Holka ze skříně wishes you a Merry Christmas and an even nicer happy New Year 🎄✨

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