cedrové dřevo do skrine

Cedar wood against moths

2. 10. 2023

Wood smells beautifully… especially cedar! But not to wardrobe moths. For them, its aroma acts as a strong, yet purely natural, repellent. Substances contained in cedar wood kill moth larvae and thus prevent their reproduction. ⁠

So if these winged bastards destroy your favorite pieces in your closet from time to time, check out the website and choose from a wide range of these wardrobe accessories. You can choose from different shapes and brands.⁠

For you, I tried balls and rings from Bonami, plates and hangers from Tiger, bags from Zara Home. Neither set has a significant smell, so I don’t smell the refreshing aroma after opening the closet, but also I don’t see any moths…⁠

✨TIP 1: After a while, you can lightly rub the wood with fine sandpaper or sprinkle with cedar or other essential oil. This will restore its aromatic scent.⁠

✨TIP 2: You can spread the wood in different places in the closet – hang it on a clothes rail, place it in drawers,… But don’t put it directly on light-colored clothes, it could leave stains. The bark if you have sprinkled it with perfume oil before. Better to leave it in a cotton bag (sold by e.g. Tiger).⁠

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