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Closet makeover with Bára Šimková

1. 9. 2023

It started with an invitation to Breakfast with Nova and ended up in Bara’s closet 🙂 We made a lot of noise in the wardrobe, but it was already necessary because the wardrobe could not be kept even for a week due to the amount of clothes. There were things that didn’t have their place and at the same time clothes that no longer needed to be there 🙂

And what did we accomplish within the organization?

  • We discussed and sorted everything
  • We threw away various hangers and replaced them with wooden white ones
  • We put a lot in the Kloktex container
  • We cleaned the whole closet
  • We learned to fold clothes efficiently
  • We added organizers to the drawers so that everything has its own place
  • We discussed everything possible and impossible from the world of fashion, television, food, and so on

The result is a beautifully tidy wardrobe and chest of drawers ✨ And as Barča says: ”Suddenly I can breathe much better when choosing clothes” and that is the greatest reward for me!

If you are curious how this +- 6-hour organization turned out, take a look at the video here.


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