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Closet makeover that shocked

7. 2. 2024

My client and I suspected that this closet makeover would arouse emotions. But what we didn’t know and what took our breath away after posting the first reel was the number of judgemental comments.⁠

My client knew she had a problem, so she also approached me to help her with her closet. And she was so brave that she agreed to share the transformation on Instagram. That doesn’t happen that often, by the way. Some of my clients do not wish to share any of their privacy, and those who do, want to remain anonymous.⁠

It’s no coincidence that you’ll find more kitchen and garage transformations than wardrobes on the internet. Our wardrobes are a very sensitive topic, which is also related to how we look and how we feel. ⁠

And so perhaps a small request at the end: let’s be a little lenient and treat each other with respect. For some, fashion is a way to express their personality, so they have a lot of clothes. Someone likes to cook, so they have a lot of supplies in the pantry. And someone is a handyman, so his basement looks more like a small hardware store… The important thing is that we all have something that makes us happy. What do you think? 😉 🤍 ✨⁠

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