refresh skrine u aki

Closet refresh with Aki Votrubová

2. 10. 2023

That’s how it is when a friend recommends a great photographer to you, you get along and about half a year later you’re organizing her closet :)⁠

Aki has a beautiful big wardrobe, but also quite a lot of clothes and a busy life. After moving into the new house, she tried to set up a functional system, but it wasn’t quite right, so I arrived for a ”visit”. Some parts of the closet were unused, while others were overcrowded. I remember how I pulled one drawer and all three came out :)))⁠
And so everything went classically out. Since Aki was already sorting during the moving, the sorting phase was once and for all done and we threw ourselves straight into the organization. We turned the left “mix-of-everything” part into an accessory one, bought seasonal organizers for the upper shelves and played a little with the distribution of clothes in the drawers. Voila, the new wardrobe was born! ⁠


  • I already know that I have to watch out for cats resting in closets 😂⁠
  • My wishlist grew a bit again because Aki showed me a lot of new Czech designers 👗⁠
  • And they say that when we meet in a year, I will also arrive with a stroller… well, we’ll see 🤓

P.s. You can find more pictures and a video of the transformation on my Instagram.

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