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How to treat new sneakers to make them last long?

23. 5. 2023

Spring is finally here and I bet most of us have a box of new shoes at home. Whether it’s sneakers, loafers or pumps, take 5 minutes of your time before you take them out for the first time. You’ll see that they’ll make you happy for much longer.

I’m a sneaker person and I’d say I pay as much attention to very few things as I do to sneakers. So two quick tips from me:

1. Impregnate the sneakers after unpacking them, and that includes also laces, so that dirt doesn’t soak into them after the first wearing. If it’s a leather sneaker, wax or use a cream before applying the impregnation.

2. Then spray the inside of the shoe with antibacterial spray.

And what products have worked well for me? My favourite is Crep Protect. Be sure to check out this brand, their portfolio is wide and has things like cleaning wipes for every handbag or refreshing shoe capsules. For caring creams, I usually buy from Baťa, where they also have a super white cream that can easily cover scuffs on white sneakers. Vasky, on the other hand, makes waxed white laces that dirt just won’t get into. And if you really want to give your sneakers the best care, get some wooden stretchers to go with them. They help to flatten the wrinkles on the leather and absorb moisture and odours.


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