Uskladnění zimního oblečení, letní sezóna, sezónní oobleceni, jak správně skladovat sezonni obleceni

Storing winter clothes. How to do it?

30. 4. 2023

Spring, are you here yet? Can we finally put away the winter clothes or are we going to take them out again? No, I hope the sun doesn’t leave us this time. So, the promised three-step wardrobe winterization tips here:


Before you start cleaning, get to work sorting your wardrobe. Sort out all the pieces you haven’t worn once all winter, or have worn extensively. 


Wash or take to the dry cleaners any clothes you have decided to keep. The tag on your clothes will always tell you if and how many degrees you can wash them at and if they are friends with the dryer. If you cut labels like I do, the general advice is: sweaters, wool coats and down jackets better be taken to the cleaner. As for functional and sportswear, wash it without fabric softener and in special detergent.


Once you’re done, store your clothes in organisers or vacuum bags, ideally on the upper floors of your closet. This way it won’t take up space in the most used part of your closet and make it difficult to find your way around.

Tip I – Don’t vacuum down jackets, wool coats or more expensive sweaters so they don’t get ruined. Store them horizontally in organizers. Many coats don’t do well hanging on a hanger all year round.

Tip II – Place scented or moisture-wicking sachets or cedar balls in the organizers.

Tip III – Clean winter boots, cream them and spray with antibacterial spray if necessary. Then store them in boxes to keep them dust-free.

Have a wonderful spring!


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