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Where to donate clothes?

31. 5. 2024

You’ve already sorted your closet, but you don’t know where to sell or donate clothes?

I have put together a list of my favorite thrift stores or charities, where I most often take my clothes after sorting through client’s wardrobes or where I have good references:

Tak trochu jiný sekáč⁠ – the commission for the client is 30% of the selling price; the two branches in Prague, where clothes can be delivered or sent by Zásilkovna; only accepts seasonal pieces.

Skříň⁠ – purchase and sale of luxury products; they accept pieces from 3 pieces and above and in top condition; commission time is every Tuesday and Thursday; you can find it in Revoluční in Prague 1.

Dobrodějna⁠ – you can donate here not only clothes, but also household appliances, drugstore or non-perishable food; you can find it at Hradčanská in Prague 6.

Šatník⁠ – here you can donate, for example a wardrobe by prior agreement; they prefer seasonal clothing; you can find it in the Prague Holešovice market in hall 19.

Be Charity Shop⁠ – you can donate clothes at the Prague branch or send them to Zásilkovna; also accepts non-seasonal clothing; you can find it in Břevnov in Prague 6.

Moment⁠ – you can donate clothes in person or send them to the Postal Service for free; you can find shops in Prague, Ostrava and Karviná.

Sue Ryder⁠ – here, you can also donate a wardrobe or a washing machine by prior agreement; pick-up option at your home; several branches throughout Prague.

🚗 If you don’t have a car or a thrift store nearby, I recommend to try the Wear&Share service from Answear. You pack your clothes in a box, order a free courier on the website and he will come to your home or even to work to pick up the package.

♻️ Vinted is always here, but does it always take you so long to decide to take pictures or answer all kinds of questions?⁠

📦 Collection containers are a classic, but I admit that I only use them as a last option.⁠

What about you, do you have any favorite secondhand shops or charities? Or maybe experience with Remix or Genesis thrift store?⁠ I would be happy if you share your thoughts with others under this post on my Instagram.

Beautiful spring days!

Kristy| Holka ze skříně

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