My client and I suspected that this closet makeover would arouse emotions. But what we didn’t know and what took our breath away after posting the first reel was the number of judgemental comments.⁠

My client knew she had a problem, so she also approached me to help her with her closet. And she was so brave that she agreed to share the transformation on Instagram. That doesn’t happen that often, by the way. Some of my clients do not wish to share any of their privacy, and those who do, want to remain anonymous.⁠

It’s no coincidence that you’ll find more kitchen and garage transformations than wardrobes on the internet. Our wardrobes are a very sensitive topic, which is also related to how we look and how we feel. ⁠

And so perhaps a small request at the end: let’s be a little lenient and treat each other with respect. For some, fashion is a way to express their personality, so they have a lot of clothes. Someone likes to cook, so they have a lot of supplies in the pantry. And someone is a handyman, so his basement looks more like a small hardware store… The important thing is that we all have something that makes us happy. What do you think? 😉 🤍 ✨⁠

That’s how it is when a friend recommends a great photographer to you, you get along and about half a year later you’re organizing her closet :)⁠

Aki has a beautiful big wardrobe, but also quite a lot of clothes and a busy life. After moving into the new house, she tried to set up a functional system, but it wasn’t quite right, so I arrived for a ”visit”. Some parts of the closet were unused, while others were overcrowded. I remember how I pulled one drawer and all three came out :)))⁠
And so everything went classically out. Since Aki was already sorting during the moving, the sorting phase was once and for all done and we threw ourselves straight into the organization. We turned the left “mix-of-everything” part into an accessory one, bought seasonal organizers for the upper shelves and played a little with the distribution of clothes in the drawers. Voila, the new wardrobe was born! ⁠


P.s. You can find more pictures and a video of the transformation on my Instagram.

Or rather little talk and shove into her closets. In the summer, Eva contacted me saying that she had moved and that she would like me to help her with her closet. Specifically, with sorting, organizing and setting up a system that will make it easier for her to leave the apartment every morning, as well as packing clothes for trips. Eva is a woman of action, and to be honest, I probably don’t know a more active woman.

As I already mentioned, Eva invited me as the first rescue after the last move. And I was excited! So much so that I started organizing right away during the first visit, even though the plan was just to look around, measure and possibly sort some clothes. ⁠

The closet change took place in style and I was happy that the organization exceeded Eva’s expectations. And even so that on Instagram Ženy s.r.o. she dedicated a post to me and a mention in an article on her blog. If you are curious, take a look at the transformation video or read the article about (Super)Natural Women.

Well, if you haven’t followed my Instagram yet, go there asap so you don’t miss a regular dose of inspiration and tips regarding wardrobe gadgets and makeovers.

Happy back to school!


It started with an invitation to Breakfast with Nova and ended up in Bara’s closet 🙂 We made a lot of noise in the wardrobe, but it was already necessary because the wardrobe could not be kept even for a week due to the amount of clothes. There were things that didn’t have their place and at the same time clothes that no longer needed to be there 🙂

And what did we accomplish within the organization?

The result is a beautifully tidy wardrobe and chest of drawers ✨ And as Barča says: ”Suddenly I can breathe much better when choosing clothes” and that is the greatest reward for me!

If you are curious how this +- 6-hour organization turned out, take a look at the video here.


And here we go with the promised transformation of the sneakers closet 👟 By using organizers, you can place up to twice as many shoes on the same surface. As you can see in the second picture, instead of three pairs of shoes, we could fit five pairs of shoes here, and thus gained space for new catches.

As for shoe organizers, these are from Ikea and I like them best because they have a nice height and slope, so they can be used for both ankle sneakers and high heels. At the same time, they are clearly the cheapest compared to other variants.

An easy way to organize shoes and save space, what do you think? 🙂 You can watch the video of the transformation on my Instagram.


Before & after walk-in closet for three, which honestly gave me quite a bit of work, but it remains in my heart because it was my very first walk-in closet organization.

The goal was to deal with the unsorted clothes and accessories in boxes since the move and at the same time to come up with a system so that the wardrobe could fit clothes even for a three-year-old princess. And I defined the space in the drawers exactly for the little one and introduced vertical folding. It is practical for several reasons – you can see the clothes right away, they are easy to remove and you can fit more of them in your drawer.

As for the adult section, I separated women’s and men’s clothing there, as well as things for sports (there was a lot of it here) and things for work/parties, etc. I replaced the metal hangers with more gentle wooden ones and thus unified the look of the entire closet. I also hid the seasonal clothes in organizers and used conical boxes in the deep corner shelves, replacing drawers.

A few final tips. If you too are planning a new closet or a custom-made wardrobe, take your clothes, a tape measure and measure whether the given pieces will fit in the designed spaces. I encounter the fact that the dressing rooms are beautifully made, but as a result, the gaps and spacing do not meet the needs of the client. Which is usually only found out during the use of the dressing room, and then chasing the carpenter is very time-consuming. What do I mean? For example, if you like to wear long dresses, 100 cm of space will not be enough for you to hang them. In the same way, if you have a large amount of sports clothes, invest in drawers, where you can work with loose clothes better than in shelves. And if you’re moving or planning a new closet, get in touch. I will be happy to help you go through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible 🙂

P.S. You can find a video of the custom-made dressing room transformation on my Instagram.

Beautiful sunny day!


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