You’ve already sorted your closet, but you don’t know where to sell or donate clothes?

I have put together a list of my favorite thrift stores or charities, where I most often take my clothes after sorting through client’s wardrobes or where I have good references:

Tak trochu jiný sekáč⁠ – the commission for the client is 30% of the selling price; the two branches in Prague, where clothes can be delivered or sent by Zásilkovna; only accepts seasonal pieces.

Skříň⁠ – purchase and sale of luxury products; they accept pieces from 3 pieces and above and in top condition; commission time is every Tuesday and Thursday; you can find it in Revoluční in Prague 1.

Dobrodějna⁠ – you can donate here not only clothes, but also household appliances, drugstore or non-perishable food; you can find it at Hradčanská in Prague 6.

Šatník⁠ – here you can donate, for example a wardrobe by prior agreement; they prefer seasonal clothing; you can find it in the Prague Holešovice market in hall 19.

Be Charity Shop⁠ – you can donate clothes at the Prague branch or send them to Zásilkovna; also accepts non-seasonal clothing; you can find it in Břevnov in Prague 6.

Moment⁠ – you can donate clothes in person or send them to the Postal Service for free; you can find shops in Prague, Ostrava and Karviná.

Sue Ryder⁠ – here, you can also donate a wardrobe or a washing machine by prior agreement; pick-up option at your home; several branches throughout Prague.

🚗 If you don’t have a car or a thrift store nearby, I recommend to try the Wear&Share service from Answear. You pack your clothes in a box, order a free courier on the website and he will come to your home or even to work to pick up the package.

♻️ Vinted is always here, but does it always take you so long to decide to take pictures or answer all kinds of questions?⁠

📦 Collection containers are a classic, but I admit that I only use them as a last option.⁠

What about you, do you have any favorite secondhand shops or charities? Or maybe experience with Remix or Genesis thrift store?⁠ I would be happy if you share your thoughts with others under this post on my Instagram.

Beautiful spring days!

Kristy| Holka ze skříně

Which will please not only lovers of order and organization, but also fashion and style lovers ✨⁠ So if you don’t know what to give, take a look at 10 tips of my choice. I believe you will score with them!

  1. Jewelry box for bracelets and pendants not only for Pandora⁠.
  2. Scented sprays for clothes and home textiles for fragrant wardrobes and the whole home⁠.
  3. Helpers in the fight against lint on knitted fabrics⁠.
  4. History of fashion houses for every bookworm.
  5. Candle with custom dedication made in Prague⁠.
  6. A stand for jewelry and glasses, which is also a stylish home accessory.
  7. Cleaning set for passionate sneakerheads⁠.
  8. Scented paper for drawers or scented sticks.
  9. Any organizer from iDesign, because it’s just a dream!
  10. Or a gift voucher for changing your wardrobe with me 😊⁠

You can get all these goodies, for example, at Answear, Bonami, Zara Home, H&M Home, Perfumed Prague or Luxor. Or you can take a look at my Instagram, where is everything tagged.

Holka ze skříně wishes you a Merry Christmas and an even nicer happy New Year 🎄✨

Fall is here and with it my favorite sweater season. There is also a taboo question associated with sweaters, and that is – do you belong to the group folding or hanging sweaters?⁠

I usually try to convince you into folding, because I don’t like the shoulders pulled out from the hangers, but more and more during the organization I find that clients like to hang sweaters pretty often. Of course, a lot depends on the material of the sweater and also on the client’s habits.

Either way, there are many ways to keep your sweaters looking good and your closet organized at the same time. Which one you choose is entirely up to you, because the most important thing is that your wardrobe makes you happy and you are able to maintain the system.⁠

For those of you who fold sweaters, I have a video tutorial below on how to fold them into a shelf vs. folding them into a drawer. You can also use it for folding sweatshirts.

složení svetru do police a do šuplíku

Have a beautiful colorful autumn!

Wood smells beautifully… especially cedar! But not to wardrobe moths. For them, its aroma acts as a strong, yet purely natural, repellent. Substances contained in cedar wood kill moth larvae and thus prevent their reproduction. ⁠

So if these winged bastards destroy your favorite pieces in your closet from time to time, check out the website and choose from a wide range of these wardrobe accessories. You can choose from different shapes and brands.⁠

For you, I tried balls and rings from Bonami, plates and hangers from Tiger, bags from Zara Home. Neither set has a significant smell, so I don’t smell the refreshing aroma after opening the closet, but also I don’t see any moths…⁠

✨TIP 1: After a while, you can lightly rub the wood with fine sandpaper or sprinkle with cedar or other essential oil. This will restore its aromatic scent.⁠

✨TIP 2: You can spread the wood in different places in the closet – hang it on a clothes rail, place it in drawers,… But don’t put it directly on light-colored clothes, it could leave stains. The bark if you have sprinkled it with perfume oil before. Better to leave it in a cotton bag (sold by e.g. Tiger).⁠

You are interested in folding jeans and especially in how to fold jeans with wide legs. And since some people like to put them on shelves, some people like to put them in a drawer, and others want to hang their jeans, I made a tutorial for you on all three ways.

You can find the video here on my Instagram profile and I will tell you that it is my most-watched video ever! I’m glad you enjoy it, thank you! 🙂

Beautiful summer


Are you watching the sequel to Sex and the City ”And Just Like That”? I do, which is why I immediately remembered the first episode of the iconic series, when Carrie utters the memorable line “Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!” when choosing an outfit. Somehow I suspect that this sentence has already crossed the mind of each of us. That feeling when we stand in front of a closet full of clothes, but we still feel like we have nothing to wear…

Well, how to get out of this vicious circle? The solution is regular wardrobe sorting! If you don’t feel like making big changes, you can start small. For example, 10-15 minutes a day, when you gradually sort out the individual sections of the wardrobe and focus on these 5 things that cause mischief in the closet:

So, are you in? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you with sorting out your clothes and I promise that you’ll feel great every time you look at your “new” closet. 🖤


Nice day to you all! If you have a moment and missed my interview in Breakfast at Nova, you can read about me and my project in a new article for StartupJobs News.

In it, you will learn more about me, about my previous work experiences and also about how the Holka ze skříně project actually came about. In retrospect, I have to laugh at how watching American comedy and mild OCD can change a person’s life after a few years. And I’m extremely happy for that. Suddenly, it was just the right time to plunge into the unknown. I’m not saying that I wasn’t afraid, I still have certain fears, but my surroundings were and are great! And the idea that in a few months I would watch someone more daring start the same business was the perfect driving force. Well, more in the mentioned article here. Sorry, it is in Czech but you can take it as a challenge, hm?

If you are interested in anything regarding the closet organization, let me know. I will be happy to hear from you 🙂

Happy hump day!

Kristýna|Girl from the closet

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