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My top 5 IKEA closet organizers

6. 2. 2024

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that organizers I shop most often at IKEA. And since you wrote me you didn’t know what type to buy or how to choose them, here is my top 5 selection:

  1. STUK – an ideal helper for drawers or as a replacement for drawers in shelves. These organizers are suitable for lovers of vertical stacking and have a practical partition in the middle.⁠
    ✨TIP: When buying, pay attention to the size – they have different widths and heights. For the drawers, buy ones with a height of 10 cm, or even higher ones with 18 cm.⁠
  1. SKUBB – this organizer for storing seasonal clothes or duvets is the most purchased item on my shopping list. You can get it in two colors and three sizes. ⁠
    ✨TIP: If you have a “hundred” wardrobe, you can fit either one large or two small ones. I recommend considering what you will store in the organization and then decide whether to choose one part or two small ones. There is a super large option for duvets, ski and other light clothes. For classic clothes, I recommend two small ones, so that the organizers can pick them up.⁠
  1. SKUBB #2 – yes again same name but different shape. The package contains 3 deep boxes that can fit sports bags, bedding or seasonal jackets, etc. Ideal for the lower levels of the wardrobe if you don’t have drawers.⁠
    ✨TIP: If you have a cabinet with doors, the size of the hinges – then all three boxes might not fit or they would be difficult to pull out.⁠
  1. BESTÅ – you won’t find this felt box in the wardrobe department (and not even at Zličín), but it’s a great option for those who have wardrobes and don’t want bright white accessories in them. The boxes fit nicely into the shelves of Pax cabinets and have practical ears for better handling.⁠
    ✨TIP: You can get them in the living room department.⁠
  1. KOMPLEMENT – organizer for jewelry and accessories. Different types of compartments, thanks to which your jewelry, watches, glasses or belts will be nicely organized in one place.⁠
    ✨TIP: You can have it placed on a shelf or buy a pull-out tray and have a perfect combo.⁠

Happy organizing!


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